Safe and Efficient Home Remedies for Roaches


A cockroach is one of the most disgusting animals on earth. Cockroaches often come to our house bringing the potential diseases we may not know. Cockroaches are a tough-to-kill animal. They are resilient to repellants. They are even resilient to nuclear radiation. So, if chemical compounds don’t work, maybe what we need is home remedies for roaches which are made from natural ingredients. With these home remedies, not only we can get rid of cockroaches from invading our house, we also can save our money from buying insect repellents that may not be able to rid of roaches. Here are few home remedies for roaches which are very efficient and safe to use.

home remedies for roaches

Bay leaves
Bay leaves are known for their strong fragrance. We may like the smell of bay leaves in our foods, but not for cockroaches. They can’t stand the bay leaves’ smell. So, bay leaves are the perfect home cockroach treatment to prevent them coming into our house. You can use fresh or dry bay leaves. Crush them a bit in order to extract their oil which releases the stronger smell. Place bay leaves at the house corners and crevices where cockroaches love to stay, and at the areas where you often see cockroaches passing by. In short times, cockroaches won’t be coming into your house anymore.

Baking soda
Baking soda is a lethal weapon for cockroaches. Baking soda will create carbon dioxides when its compounds mix with cockroach’s stomach acid which will destroy the internal organs of cockroaches and kill them instantly. Mix baking soda and sugar with 1:1 ratio. The sugar will attract the cockroaches, make them think that it is food. Sprinkle the mixture on the high traffic areas or at the house corner.

Besides bay leaves, cockroaches also can’t stand the smell of garlic. Place fresh garlic or sprinkle some garlic powder on certain places in the house to repel cockroaches. Or, you can make a special mixture which consists of one garlic clove, half an onion, and one tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder. Add one liter of water into the mixture. Leave it for an hour, so that the ingredient would blend completely. Sprinkle the mixtures on the areas where cockroaches were often seen. Add cleaning liquid soap to the mixture and use it for mopping the floor or cleaning the cupboards and counter top. Cockroaches won’t dare to come into your house after smelling the solution.

Borax not only works as a laundry booster, but it also works as home cockroach treatment. Make borax dough from flour, sugar, borax, and a small amount of water. Place borax doughs in near sinkholes or in any place where used as cockroach’s nest. Put borax doughs on places where your younger children or pets cannot reach them. You also can sprinkle borax on the top shelf of cabinets because cockroaches love to hide in there. If cockroaches are exposed to borax powder, their exoskeletons will get dried and kill them slowly. One cockroach will contaminate other cockroaches in their nest by bringing borax powder that sticks on its skins.

Who have thought that Listerine, a common mouthwash, can act as cockroaches repellant? Cockroaches hate the smell of Listerine so bad that they will move from your house in order to avoid the smell. Dilute Listerine with water by 1:1 ratio, then add few drops of dishwater liquid. Pour the solution into a spraying bottle and spray the liquid to the roaches. Since Listerine contains antiseptic properties in its compounds, you also can use Listerine to disinfect the areas where have been contaminated by cockroaches.

Place coffee grounds in a jar, then add water. The smell of coffee lured cockroaches to climb into the jar and fall in the coffee water. With water blocking their pores, cockroaches won’t be able to breathe and eventually will be drowning.

Catnip is another natural remedies to get rid of cockroaches from your premises. Soak catnip leaves in hot water like you make a tea. Then strain the leaves and pour the catnip tea into a spraying bottle. Spray the solution in place where cockroaches were often seen. Reapply the solution when the solution has evaporated especially after you mop the areas.
Besides using these home remedies for roaches, you should keep your house clean by vacuuming or mopping regularly and not to forget to take out the garbage from the house.

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