how to make mosaic art

Want to learn how to make mosaic art? The mosaics are images that are organized by the organization of small colorful objects (also known as Tessera) in the drawings of the imagination on the top of a base. They put in a mortar or another stick and then usually apply mortar around them to repair it. The Tessera used vary, but frequently used elements are small pieces of colored marbles, glass, fragments of ceramics or tile.

With them, you can make beautiful furniture or create abstract works of art.

This business is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by all age groups with proper supervision. It can also be taken at an advanced level. Start small and with basic supplies and work your way from there.

how to make mosaic art

Before you can start making a mosaic, you need to collect some basic supplies and tools.

No matter how elegant or simple you want your mosaic, you have four main blocks that you need:

Base: That’s the question you make mosaic. Can be something like a top table, stepping stone, or a piece of plywood. It can be anything but something with a flat surface and lasts.
Tesserae: Your tesserae are small items that will allow you to make your mosaic design. Traditionally these are colored marbles, pieces of glass, fragments of ceramics or small tiles. However, you can use anything that beats your imagination.

Adhesive: It’s what the Tessera attached to the bottom. According to the method you choose, it can be a mosaic glue or your fugue.
Fugue: It is a mixture of cement type used to fill le’s lacunes between the Tessera in a mosaic project. It can also be utilized as a viscous. There are different types of grout, so make sure you have one that is appropriate for your project. Read labels. Some are for, apart from some for the inside; Some for shorter interruptions, some broader gaps.

Other items that you may need vary depending on the project and the Tessera that you choose. The best way to create a profession of a mosaic is to purchase the Tessera. Most stores sell a wide range of items in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that can be used. If you want to use the items that you are laying around your house, like the Tessera, you may need a few tools:

Tile cutter: It is used to cut large tiles of ceramics.
Cutter: It is used to cut large pieces of glass.
Pliers: This tool is used to clean breaking small pieces of tiles or sometimes the glass tessera.
Hammer: A hammer can be handled to break the ceramics, China, CDset other objects that you can use in the mosaics. The object to be beaten with the hammer should be packaged in an old towel or a pillow cover so that pieces fly around.

Of course, there are also a few basic supplies of crafts and security that you will need:

Gloves: Use them to protect your hands while breaking apart Tessera and even when working with mortar.
Eye protection: Used to protect your eyes while breaking apart tessera.
Latex gloves: The use of these options is optional; It can be used when working with mortar. Read the label of the specific mortar you are buying about any safety measure you should take.

Anti-Dust Mask: this must be worn to protect yourself when you are working with mortar in the form of powder.
Wax paper and Journal: use these elements to cover your workspace, as this can be a very chaotic work.
Stir stick: stick to mix paint works very well to blend the joints.
Bucket: I use an old ice bucket to mix the joints.

Rubber Spatula: Use this tool or something alike to spread the grout on your mosaic. For a petit project, you can even use a craft stick.
Clean rags and sponge: mortar to wipe the surface of the tile after application.
The last thing you need before you begin, your mosaic is a model. You can buy a model, drag your own or simply create an abstract design as you go. If you want inspiration, read these resources:

Free mosaic patterns: Find several templates that you can download. Most of them are even free.
Free Coloring Pages: Coloring pages are sometimes great bosses for mosaics and other crafts. Look for coloring with basic shapes and no more details.

Once you collect your supplies, you are ready how to make mosaic art.