abnormal curve of the spine

Spinal or vertebral column, forming small bones (vertebrae) stacked on each other, with the discs. A healthy spine, the prospect is that soft curves. The curves will help to absorb the stress of the movement of the body and the severity of the spinal column.

If you look at the back, the spine has to work at the base of the back in the middle. Abnormalities of the spine to the appearance of the natural overuse of the spinal column is incorrect or exaggerated in some areas, takes place in the Lords, jas olio os kyphosis.

abnormal curve of the spine

What are the types of column spine curvature disorders?

There are three types of curvature of spine disorders, including:

Lords. Also called lordosis, a profile in the curves of the spine inside the isikuoluliselt is lower than the back.
Kyphosis. Kyphosis is characterized by the abnormally high rounded back (more than 50 degrees of curvature).
Scoliosis. Scoliosis is the curve of your spine stands out of the. It is often Covers-shaped or C-shaped.
What are the causes of the disorders of spinal curvature?

There are health problems that can cause the spine to curve more to the kurta valine, or be in the wrong.

The following conditions can cause the lordosis:

Achondroplasia. Where the bones will develop normally in the disorder, for which stature associated with dwarfism tule muse son
Spondylolisthesis. Where the vertebra, usually in the lower back, slip on the condition
Osteoporosis, a condition in which the vertebrae become fragile and can easily share (compression fractures)
Obesity, or who are very overweight
Kyphosis. Marked by an unusually rounded upper back State
Discitis. Inflammation of the disk space between the bones of the spine, usually caused by an infection
Benign (harmless) in the juvenile lords
The following conditions can cause a kyphosis:

The abnormal development of the cervical spine in the uterus (congenital kyphosis)
Poor posture or slouching (postural kyphosis)
Scheuermann Disease, a condition that causes that the spine should be deformed (Scheuermann kyphosis)
Spina bifida, birth defects, where the column spinal fetal to close completely during the development of the uterus inside
Infection of the spine
Tumors of the spine
Doctors don’t know what causes the most common form of scoliosis seen in adolescents. But doctors know that scoliosis may run in families. Illness, injury, or congenital infection can also be blamed.

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What are the symptoms of disorders of the cervical spine curvature?

The symptoms depend on the type of disorder of curvature of the spine and the severity of the condition.

Lords symptoms may include:

The profile, the buttocks is stronger
Have the lower back to the floor and the large differences between, if lying on the back, Koval pinna le, which does not change, when you bend forward
The pain and discomfort
Liikumishaired in a particular way
Symptoms of kyphosis are seen in the wild, and:

Leaning forward, compared to the rest of the body to the head
The curve of the upper back or hump
Tired of the back or legs

Postural kyphosis usually causes pain, but physical activity and a long and a base can cause the discomfort of Scheuermann’s kyphosis.

The symptoms of scoliosis may include:

One is bigger than the other uneven shoulder blades
Uneven waist or hip
Leaning on one side of the
How to treat curvature of the spinal column disorders?

The treatment is set according to the type, and the severity of the rule is in the curvature of the spine disorder. The slight curvature of the spine, if there is no kyphosis posture, or not treated at all. The most severe spinal curvature may be nondatabase brace or surgery.

Lords treatment may include:

Medications to relieve pain and swelling
Exercise and physical therapy to increase flexibility and muscle strength
Wear a brace
Weight loss
Treatment of kyphosis may include:

And the use of an anti-inflammatory drug to relieve pain or discomfort
Wear a brace
The surgery, to correct severe curvature of the spine and congenital kyphosis
Exercises and physical therapy to increase muscle strength
Treatment of scoliosis may include:

The observation. If there is a bit of the curve, the doctor may choose to display the back of all the 4-6 months, if the curve is getting worse.
Bracing. According to the curve, a spacer is sometimes ettenahtudlapsed and teenagers who continue to grow. Bracing to avoid the deterioration of the State of the curve.
The operation. If the curve is hard and will get worse, surgery is sometimes necessary.
Exercise programs, Chiropractic treatment, stimulation electric jatoidulisandid turns not nitric oxide with scoliosis. It is always ideal, to maintain as much as the strength and the flexibility to maintain normal function. It may require more effort and attention of someone scoliosis.

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The curvature of the spine of the types of surgery to treat diseases?

The treatment of disorders of spinal curvature can be used for the following procedures:

Instrumentation of the spinal column. For example, hooks, bar, and wire will be attached to the spine and the umberhaalestada to guarantee them security, after the bones of the cervical spinal column.
The artificial disc Exchange. Degenerated spinal discs are replaced by artificial devices.
Kyphoplasty. The ball is inserted into the spinal column to strengthen and stabilize the affected area and relieve the pain.
How will I know if I have a curvature of the spine disorder?

Your doctor can diagnose the disorder of spinal curvature with medical and family history, the spine to curve during the review of the jak as tada physical examination, as x-ray imaging tests, spine study more carefully. X-rays can show that any anomaly would be the bones of the Sel gro JA, you can also measure how much curve is here.

If you or a loved one on your back is probably an abnormal curve of the spine, beyond any bad posture, to the doctor, so that you can assess and treat.